Posted: 2 Feb 2023

Little is known about the new kid on the block, the Lüderitz Blue School has made strides in cementing their niche within the educational stream of the town. Offering a different dimension through the Cambridge system, the school equally teaches robotics where learners are exposed to various elements of engineering as part of their curriculum. The school further has made provision for the disabled child through-out the entire building, ensuring that no one is left out of an opportunity at education. Their Scholarship programme is another way in which the school under the directorship of its Board Chairlady Ms. Lucy Hooft and Principal Ms. Mamie Allen is allowing learners from the marginalized and underprivileged sectors of society to attend a Private School. His Worship, the Mayor Hon. Cllr. B. Mckay and Council Member Hon. Cllr. J. Heita were pleasantly informed of the various programmes on offer at the school and encourages the public to engage and enroll their children at the new school.