Posted: 31 Mar 2023

Jubilation filled the air, as Council handed over keys to one of the seven (7) houses under the social housing scheme. The Lüderitz Town Council has spent over Five Million Namibian Dollars (N$ 5 000 000.00), on the servicing of land, of which Six Hundred Thousand (N$ 600 000.00) was allocated to the Build Together Program, during the current financial period.  The Build Together Program was implemented in order to give every Namibian family, who on account of their low income, have no access to housing, a fair opportunity to acquire land. Speaking at the occasion, His Worship, the Mayor Hon. Cllr. Benjamin Mckay said that, “our people are tired of empty promises and excuses…what they want to see is roofs over their heads and we as Councilor’s are determined to do exactly that”. The Mayor further stated that, the servicing of land is far costlier in Lüderitz compared to other parts of the country, largely due to the topography and thus under the allocations, Council is limited in land provision, yet committed to do more with less.