Posted: 26 Apr 2023

The port of Lüderitz came to a standstill as we witnessed the arrival of the majestic NS ELEPHANT, dubbed “The Ark of the Nation” battleship, with a special guest on board. The Governor of the Erongo Region Honourable Neville Andre Itope took the journey from Walvis Bay to Lüderitz onboard the NS ELEPHANT under the tutelage of Captain Navy Simon Kombanda. His Worship, the Mayor Hon. Cllr. Benjamin Mckay in welcoming the guests, extended a warm welcome to Lüderitz and the Annual Crayfish Festival 2023 whilst further giving thanks for the selfless service offered by the Namibian Navy to the nation, through the guarding of the territorial integrity of our Namibian waters and its resources. The Governor received special mention and thanks from the First Citizen and equally heaped praise upon the Governor for the work done within the Erongo Region.