Lüderitz Crayfish Festival in full swing

Posted: 3 Apr 2015

crayfish20150004Lüderitz hosted the 8th annual crayfish festival over the Easter weekend at the Lüderitz Waterfront Harbour Square under the theme, “We Love The Sea.” As usual the event was filled with mouth-watering seafood, entertainment, a mini-expo and fun-filled activities. Visitors were treated to some superb cultural and music performances by well-known Namibian artists, while old and young were in awe of the mini-circus troupe’s antics and gymnastics.


The event also featured a business women’s dinner where prominent business speakers delivered motivational talks and shared their experience in climbing the success ladder. These included well-known personalities such as Cynthea Martin-Haihambo and Twapewa Kadhikwa. The mayor also hosted special mayoral luncheon at the German Hostel for a number of invited guests.


crayfish20150003During the official opening of the festival, the Deputy Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Chief Samuel Ankama, commended the rank and file that “worked tirelessly to organise a colourful festival that has become very popular. “Its standard has improved significantly and the fiesta has shaped itself into the symbol of hope and economic aspiration for residents, participants and visitors, thus portraying visible business results in a short period of time,” stated Ankama. Ankama thanked all corporate entities and local SMEs who supported the festival, particularly the Ministry of Trade and Industry, which remains a key role player in SME development and the promotion of trade.


“The spectrum of companies exhibiting here represents a wide range of industries. In the same vein, other companies are also welcome to join this amazing and precious festival,” said Ankama. The festival was founded in 2008 by a joint team consisting of the Lüderitz Town Council and the local business community, with the aim to attract more tourists to Lüderitz, promote local economic development and provide a platform for SMEs and industries to showcase their products and services.


The Mayor of Lüderitz and chairperson of the Board of Trustees for the Crayfish Festival, Suzan Ndjaleka, welcomed and thanked all those who attended the event in “getting a whole sea experience”.  “Your presence at our festival just affirms that we are not competitors but partners, with the fundamental motivation of promoting the consumption of fish amongst the Namibian nation,” Ndjaleka stated. She explained that Lüderitz is blossoming with great investment opportunities, and the festival is part of the annual strategies to display to the world the investment advantages the town has.


“The council is hard at work and in cooperation with other government institutions and parastatals, as well as private partners, to upgrade the town in terms of infrastructural development,” she said. “Consultations with partners like the Waterfront Development Company look promising, with the second phase of the development well on course,” she noted. Ndjaleka was also pleased to inform the gathering that the railway project is nearing completion, which will give the town a face-lift as far as logistics is concerned. She urged the newly restructured ministry of Industrialization, Trade and SME Development to vigorously tackle the planned development of the second deep water port, to complement the existing port and enhance the transport industry.


Ndjaleka invited local residents to invest in property development as accommodation continues to be a challenge, especially this time of the year when hundreds flock to the town for the festival. The opening of a Polytechnic of Namibia, soon to be the University of Science and Technology, campus in the next year or so will further increase the demand for housing by students and others, she said.  A big thank you to our sponsors, the community, council, performers and visitors who contributed the festival’s success. We look forward to next year’s festival!