Posted: 12 Aug 2023

The changing dynamics within the Oil, Gas and Energy Sector’s globally has shined the spotlight onto Lüderitz and the Norwegian Energy Partners [NORWEP] a non-commercial foundation jointly funded by the Norwegian Government and the country’s industry, is closely monitoring the developments in Lüderitz. Their objective is the internationalization of the Norwegian energy sector by acting as a catalyst for processes between international businesses and governments. NORWEP offers technology and solutions to the Oil & Gas, Wind Power, Solar Power, Energy Systems, Hydropower and Hydrogen (to mention a few) sectors, NORWEP hosted key stakeholders at a networking event in Lüderitz at the Nest Hotel on the 11th August 2023. NORWEP target’s getting the town of Lüderitz ready by the year 2027 in terms of infrastructure, key site, on and off shore capabilities for the sectors and offered their expertise in this regard.
Speaking at the event, Her Worship, the Deputy Mayor of the Lüderitz Town Council Hon. Cllr. Brigitte Fredericks, called for sustainable management strategies for business continuation. The Acting Chief Executive Officer [ACEO], Mr. Otto Shipanga indicated that the current infrastructural challenges are turned into opportunities, such as the limited land yielding new township establishments with supplementary / ancillary land uses. The ACEO stated that, Council has been inundated with various applications for land for the erection of industrial fit for purpose operations, that will position the town of Lüderitz into a logistics Hub and concluded that, the Lüderitz Town Council is Open for Business.
The Petroleum Commissioner of Namibia, Mrs. Maggy Shino on behalf of the Namibian Government echoed, the Government’s stance that the exploration of natural resources must yield benefits for Namibia. The Commissioner indicated that a strategic decision was taken to alienate Lüderitz as a hub for the industry largely because of the great potential both on and off shore of the town. The Commissioner further stated that; the Local Content Policy will be the guiding tool used to benchmark engagements and that, it is the duty of Government to create enabling tools to prepare for the full optimization of the entire value chain of the industry, through the preparation of all stakeholders on the ground. The Commissioner concluded in saying that, the town of Lüderitz is considered a national strategic asset, especially with the new upstream specialized sector that will be operational in Namibia.
Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Kelp Blue, Mr. Daniel Hooft, speaking on behalf of the Lüderitz Business Forum gave an overview of the organization, its composition, vision, mission, strategic outlook and their initiatives to revive the local economy. The Lüderitz Business Forum is an organization, representing approximately eighty per cent (80%) of the entire businesses in the town, that congregate frequently for the creation of synergies between business in a common pursuit of mutual beneficiation and sustained economical growth, Mr. Hooft concluded in inviting the Norwegian visiting business delegation to align and join the Forum for the further exchange of ideas and possible joint-initiatives.