Posted: 4 Sep 2023

The Town Twinning agreement between Lüderitz, Namibia and Lüderitz, Germany; has set the stage for the pursuit of the transference of policy framework know-how between the two towns. The Lüderitz Town Council has been engaged in numerous policy dialogues and workshops, inclusive of an exchange visit to Lüderitz, Namibia by the German counterparts. Engagement Global has extended an invitation (on behalf of Lüderitz, Germany) to the Lüderitz Town Council for a working visit to Germany, where the Lüderitz Town Council will be entering into a Memorandum of Understanding between various stakeholders for the establishment of tangible socio-economic projects between the towns. Engagement Global is the service point in Germany for development policy work on both a national and international level, and will be hosting the Council for the five (5) day working visit; Council will present our developmental agenda inclusive of visiting schools and business communities during their engagements.