Posted: 21 Sep 2023

The signing of the Joint Communique of Intent between the Republic of Namibia and the Federal Republic of Germany in August 2021, has given birth to the Youth for Green Hydrogen Scholarship Programme for the purpose of positioning Namibia’s Green Hydrogen industry. This is aimed to be achieved through the capacity building of Namibian youth accorded scholarships to advance their skillsets, through being upskilled, reskilled and skilled in various trade sectors required for the Green Hydrogen industry. Speaking at the occasion, the !Nami #Nus Constituency Councilor told those in attendance that, this is Government’s strategy in advancing the mantra of inclusivity and youth empowerment. Mr. Kevin Stephanus from SASSCAL informed the audience that; during the 2022/23 period a total of one thousand two hundred applications were received. This period witnessed the selection of ninety-three, segmented in accordance of sixty-four pursuing Master’s and twenty-nine in pursuit of Technical and Vocational Training, having received four applicants from the ||Kharas Region of which three were from Lüderitz. Youth are encouraged to take up this opportunity and apply for consideration, as the closing date of the 06 October 2023 looms near.