Posted: 24 Oct 2023

The town boasts with having ground water of the highest quality in Namibia and the aim of ensuring the status quo remains sustained in the midst of proposed desalinated water as an added water source coupled with the envisaged industrial and population boom; was primary in NAMWATER hosting corporate stakeholders at the Lüderitz Town Council as part of their Water Demand Assessment Study on the 24 October 2023. The town of Lüderitz is currently supplied by the Koichab river that contains a large alluvial aquifer endowed with 90 million cubic liters of water, enough to cater for two decades at the current rate of consumption. The need for sourcing alternative means of water supply is necessitated by the projected increase in water demand due to the introduction of new industries, oil, gas, green hydrogen an expanded port and new townships to the townlands of Lüderitz. NAMWATER gauged the stakeholders on their development plans so as to allow their technicians to work parallel and in so doing ensure syncritic alignment of their water needs, furthermore NAMWATER was accorded guided tours of our water infrastructure to advise how best to solve the current challenges with reference to our water supply. The congregation was informed that the Council is in process of finalizing our draft Water Master Plan, which will be shared with all stakeholder’s once finalized and further resolved to collectively manage development constraints and bottlenecks that impede growth.