Posted: 26 Oct 2023

The quest to foster market access and alleviate technical barriers to trade based on measurements with Namibian trade partners, has brought rise to the Metrology Act No. 5 of 2022 that will allow the NSI to carry out its designated function of being the National Metrology Institute and the competent legal metrology authority effectively. Welcoming the stakeholders to this very important occasion, His Worship, the Mayor Hon. Cllr. B. Mckay encouraged the community and industry to embrace this pivotal legislation as it reflects our collective dedication to the growth and prosperity of our town and country. The new act also addresses the broadened gap in the lack of application of metrology controls to critical measurements in health, safety, and the environment that exists in our current laws, thereby enhancing consumer protection. The Namibian Standards Institution launched the awareness campaign in Lüderitz at the Old Power Station Auditorium amongst technical industry role-players on the 26 October 2023.