Posted: 13 Dec 2023

The need to cater for the vulnerable and marginalized community members, through direct assistance was primary in the First National Bank through their First Rand Foundation Trust opting to respond favorably to the funding request submitted by Hon. Cllr. Benjamin Mckay (during his tenure as Mayor). The Bank bequeathed N$ 113 000.00 to the Mayoral Fund Trust of Lüderitz, to amongst others fund the Mayoral Food Bank Initiative inclusive of the Green House Schemes earmarked for erection at the two secondary schools in town. The First National Bank’s Lüderitz Branch Manager Mr. Pierce Gouws accompanied Member of the Management Committee Hon. Cllr. Benjamin Mckay during the hand-over of these funded items to the identified community recipients. Donations are welcome for nappies and instant porridge for disabled community members, of whom are minors; such can be channeled directly to Hon. Cllr. Benjamin Mckay alternatively via the Public Relations Division.