Posted: 3 Apr 2024

The recent oil and gas discoveries, require for the repositioning and reengineering of both the institutional and environmental architectural infrastructure that will enable the country, her people’s and its stakeholders to reap maximum rewards from its fruition. The positioning of the town of Lüderitz as the strategic energy hub will be crucial in the pursuit and attainment of the county’s economic growth prospects, as large volumes of currency is expected to be in circulation within the constituency, post the appraisal drilling phase. The Bank of Namibia’s Governor Mr. Johannes !Gawaxab jetted into the coastal town on the 03 April 2024, to engage the Council on their desire to establish the Central Bank’s second branch in the country at Lüderitz, thereafter; Councilors’ and technocrats guided the Governor and his team to the identified site. The mooted branch will primarily have a strong focus on research and development as well as the mandated distribution of currency, amongst other functions. The Governor will equally launch the revamped One Hundred Namibian Dollar Note on the 04 April 2024, that will feature his signature amongst other security updates.