Posted: 7 May 2024

The looming economic activities in the town of Lüderitz, with hundreds of millions anticipated in expenditure, the Institute for Public Policy Research hosted their Regional Anti-Corruption Conference at the Lüderitz Auditorium on the 07 May 2024, being attended by regional, local government representatives, the private sector, community-based organizations and the Anti-Corruption Commission. The Integrity Namibia Project operated under the IPPR is funded by the United States of America and is geared towards looking at governance challenges in the public sector to curb corruption, with the aim of affecting behavioral change. According to Transparency International, Namibia is ranked 49th place out of 180 countries representing 27.2 percent, the country remains ambitious in increased trust in the governance structures through enhanced transparency and ethical leadership. The Conference forms part of awareness creation through the sensitization of the populace on the functions of the Anti-Corruption Commission, the negative impacts of corruption on society and how to help stop the spread thereof, the one-day Conference concluded today.