Chief Ankama laments the processing of Lüderitz Quotas in Walvis Bay

Posted: 10 Jun 2015

ankama“We would like to see that quotas allocated along the Lüderitz waters no longer be processed in Walvis Bay, but instead in Lüderitz.” These were the words of Deputy Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Chief Samuel Ankama, during his keynote address at the official opening of the 2015 Lüderitz Crayfish Festival. Ankama said that this practice poses a negative impact on the town’s job and wealth creation.


The Deputy, locally acclaimed as the coolest Minister as he was donned in All Stars sneakers at the event, urged the fishing industries and individuals “to enhance their skills into economic diversification and productivity. You must venture into such challenging enterprises to make a breakthrough,” said the deputy minister. He further noted there are a number of external factors that impact on the cost of doing business in Lüderitz, namely, fuel prices and electricity costs, among others. Ankama emphasized that Lüderitz is blessed with marine resources that bring wealth and job creation to the entire Namibian nation and to locals in particular. The fisheries ministry’s support through the fisheries quota has made significant economic contributions towards the Lüderitz crayfish festival since its inception in 2008, he added.


Speaking at the same occasion, the Mayor of Lüderitz, Her Worship Suzan Ndjaleka said that Lüderitz is endowed with natural resources and has great potential for investment, therefore “the Council is hard at work and in cooperation with other government institutions and parastatals, as well as private partners to upgrade the town in terms of infrastructural development.”


“Your presence at our festival just affirms that we are not competitors but partners, with the fundamental motivation of promoting the consumption of fish amongst the Namibian nation,” Ndjaleka stated. She explained that Lüderitz is blossoming with great investment opportunities, and the festival is part of the annual strategies to display to the world the investment advantages the town has. Ndjaleka also took time to walk her guests through the exhibitions to interact and satisfy their taste buds with delicious seafood samples.