Council approves 2015/16 Budget

Posted: 15 Jun 2015

The Lüderitz Town Council has approved its budget for 2015/16, totalling over a whooping N$138 million, including the sbudgetalary budget. Under the said budget, the Council plans to carry out a number of capital projects, including the construction of a fire station. Currently, the Council relies on voluntary services from committed community members when fire emergencies arise. The construction of a fire station will therefore mean that Council will employ permanent staff under the fire office.
The other envisaged project under the capital budget for the year 2015/16 is the construction of the Benguela Open Market, which is expected to house SMEs that currently operate under harsh weather conditions. Council is currently busy constructing a new electrical substation, which will include light and low voltage supplies at erf 2. This will be partly covered by the new budget, as well as the upgrading of the existing substation in Nautilus.


The Capital Projects budget is totalled at over N$21 million and construction of services are expected to commence as soon as the overall budget receives Ministerial approval.