Namdeb Employees plough back into Community

Posted: 10 Jan 2015

namdeb1Said to be the coldest winter Lüderitz has ever had, or at least not in the last 10 years, this winter is feared to affect many lives, especially the destitute. It is for this reason that a group of Namdeb employees collected money to purchase blankets for distribution to the needy community members.


Continuous Business Improvement Coordinator at the Elizabeth Bay Mine, Paulina Nehoya said “the initiative dates back from 2013 when a group of Elizabeth Bay ladies came up with a list of activities on how to actively take part in sustaining their community. One of the activities was to “Warm up the lives of those in need.”
namdeb2“We then invited the E-Bay community to participate, asking our fellow employees to donate blankets. The response was appreciated, making it an employee’s initiative, which we would like to continue and maybe extend to nearby towns in future. It also speaks to our Team Slogan of UBUNTU, an African philosophy of human kindness, compassion and humanity to others,” expressed Nehoya.


Having laid the foundation, Nehoya and urged the rest of the Lüderitz community to share with the needy in various ways, may it be the donation of goods and or services.