New Mayor focused on Development

Posted: 18 Dec 2015

Mukapuli1The former deputy mayor of Lüderitz Hilaria Mukapuli this week assumed the position of mayor and promised to deliver prosperous, democratic, accountable and transparent local government. She called up on all residents to share in that responsibility.

Mukapuli made the remarks during her acceptance speech as mayor of Lüderitz, after the swearing-in of all seven councillors following elections for the various positions at Lüderitz a week ago, when six councillors from the Swapo party and one from the DTA of Namibia assumed their official roles on the newly elected town council.

The seven municipal councilors were sworn in by District Magistrate Murray Shikongo. Alongside Mayor Helaria Mukapuli, Brigitte Frederick was sworn in as deputy mayor and deputy chairperson of the council, while the former chairperson of the management committee, Calvin Mwiya, retained his position, with Willem and Johannes Abraham as ordinary members of the management committee, as well as Shipola Shihepo and Elizabeth Wilskut as ordinary members of the town council.

The newly elected mayor reflected on the progress made by her predecessors and the work that remains to be done. She said it cannot be done by one or a few individuals, but requires collective effort. “It requires that we look past various differences, be it gender, tribal, race, political affiliation, religion and many more. It requires you and me, every single one of us contribute to a common goal, which is progress and development for our beloved Lüderitz,” Mukapuli said.

Mukapuli further said Lüderitz is “an unpolished diamond” that also played a very important role in the history of the country’s liberation struggle. However, over time this unpolished diamond lost its shine and national relevance. She said it is the duty of the councillors and residents of the town to make Lüderitz relevant again and to make it shine.

“We need collective effort to polish our Lüderitz and go two or more steps further than we did yesterday. This will not be easy, it will hard. However, nothing worthwhile was ever gained by taking the easy route,” Mukapuli emphasised.