Trust sets sail in Lüderitz

Posted: 27 Oct 2016

Mekarilakha Fishing joined forces with Marco Fishing  recently and the new board of directors decided to start up the Marco Fishing Trust with a donation of N$1 million. The mayor of Lüderitz, Hilaria Mukapuli, and Cllr Jan A. Scholtz joined Marco Fishing director Peter John Sylvester and Reeva van Rooyen, Marco Fishing administrator, as trustees of the initiative which aims to promote and advance persons in disadvantaged and underprivileged communities, as well as other social responsibility initiatives in Namibia.
Mayor Mukapuli commended and thanked the company for the initiative and contribution to the development of Namibia. She pledged to be transparent and to ensure the funds were appropriately distributed to those who were really in need. She also requested and urged other companies, organisations and able members of the community to make their contributions to the less fortunate and help those in need.
Scholtz added that Marco Fishing Company had always been at the forefront of helping community members in need and said the formulated Marco Fishing Charitable Trust came at an appropriate time within the framework of the Harambee Prosperity Plan.
According to him many impoverished challenges in the community will be alleviated via the initiative. He also welcomed the fact that the trust would attend to scholarships and said the gesture was highly welcomed as many children in the community were sitting at home not because they did not perform well at school, but simply because they could not afford to further their education.