Nov, 2015
at 13:58
Standard Bank opens revamped branch in Lüderitz

A modern and newly revamped Standard Bank branch officially opened at Lüderitz this week, just as the bank is celebrating […]

Nov, 2015
at 13:42
We are not against investments

Karas Region says it welcomes every investment in their region that is given a nod by an independent Environmental Impact […]

Nov, 2015
at 13:49
New World Records at Lüderitz Speed Challenge

In winds reaching more than 50 knots, two new world speed records were set today at the Lüderitz Speed Challenge. The […]

Jun, 2015
at 12:29
Council approves 2015/16 Budget

The Lüderitz Town Council has approved its budget for 2015/16, totalling over a whooping N$138 million, including the salary budget. […]

Jun, 2015
at 12:40
Pensioners to enjoy subsidised services

As part of its Social Responsibility Programmes towards its community, the Lüderitz Town Council has adopted an indigence policy, which […]

Jun, 2015
at 12:13
Chief Ankama laments the processing of Lüderitz Quotas in Walvis Bay

“We would like to see that quotas allocated along the Lüderitz waters no longer be processed in Walvis Bay, but […]

Jun, 2015
at 12:27
The road to Miss Crayfish 2015

From the day the applications started streaming in, it was clear. Competition was tough. The competition has raised its bar. […]

Apr, 2015
at 8:30
Lüderitz businesswomen stirred to act

“Give a man fish and you feed him for a day, but teach a man to fish and you feed […]

Apr, 2015
at 8:33
Lüderitz Crayfish Festival in full swing

Lüderitz hosted the 8th annual crayfish festival over the Easter weekend at the Lüderitz Waterfront Harbour Square under the theme, […]

Mar, 2015
at 15:14
Stray dogs becoming a nuisance

A stray animal is defined as any household pet that is without a home and roams the streets most of […]