I wish to invest in a large scale project or initiative in Luderitz. How do I go about getting Council approval?

I’ve noticed potholes, damaged street signs or vandalised public facilities. Who do I report it to?

All concerns related to infrastructure can be directed to the SE for infrastructure, Mr. Ignatius Tjipura.


Can I buy land from the town council?

Yes. A detailed application letter indicating the type of land and intended purpose of use can be directed to: The Chief Executive Officer, Luderitz Town Council P.O Box 19

This will then be tabled at a Management Committee meeting and referred to the Council for approval.

How are municipal rates and taxes calculated on property?

The sewage drain in my erf or on the street is overflowing. Who do I contact?

For any sewerage emergencies, the stand-by number is 081 495 3756.

What do I need to know about health inspections at my business?

I want to build a house on my erf. What must I do to get my building plans approved?

Must dogs be licensed?

Please take note for every dog older than six months, which a person keeps, a license must be taken out. The license must be taken out by the 1st of March of each year.

The license will be valid until the end of February the next year. After the 1st of March all owners of dogs without a license will be guilty of an offence and could be liable to a fine of N$200 on conviction.

What are the regulations regarding refuse and garden waste?

In order to control and regulate waste in our town the Council had promulgated Waste Management Regulations. The following regulations are highlighted for your information and action:

Garden, Special Domestic and Bulky Waste. 
Regulation 11(1): The owner or the occupier of a premise on which garden, special domestic or bulky waste is generated must ensure that the waste is disposed of within 72 hours after its generation.

Littering and Dumping
Regulation 22(a): A person may not throw, let fall deposit, spill or in any other way discard, any waste in or on any public area or vacant  other than in a waste container provided for the purpose.

Regulation 23(1): A person may not abandon anything or allow anything under his or her control to be abandoned or dumped at any place of which he or she is not the owner or the occupier, and which is not designated for such purpose.

Please take note that any person who fails to comply with these regulations commits an offence and is liable to a fine not exceeding N$2 000 or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months.

When does a business renew its Fitness Certificate or register?

All businesses located in Luderitz must be registered with the Council and issued with a Fitness Certificate before running its business. Existing registered businesses must renew their registrations on a annual basis. Take note:

  • Registration certificates, issued before the 31 December in any year, are valid until the 31st day of March of the following year and if issued after the 31st of December in any year then to the following 31st March.
  • Any registration certificate may be renewed by application at any time not more than three (3) months and not less than six (6) weeks before expiry of the validity thereof.
  • A late penalty fee of 10 % per month shall be charged in addition to the registration fee from 1st January of the relevant year for renewals after 31st March of that year.

For further enquiries, please contact the Health Division at telephone number 063 – 207800