Modern Port Facilities
By far the best
Rock Lobster in the world!
Untamed, unspoilt
the beauty of our environment

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boetie beukes shared on: 1 Feb 2016 09:44

Die Bucht is aan die brand! Good website, Town Council! Just keep updating it. This can be a good place to share informations with the people of Luderitz.

james hango shared on: 17 Jan 2016 07:11

Thank you Johanna. I look forward to see more on this site!

johanna shared on: 15 Jan 2016 08:24

Hi James, Thank you for the constructive comment. The website has been running for some time, although no formal launching was done. We are still uploading more content and links, but feel free to share it with friends.

james hango shared on: 14 Jan 2016 16:08

Congratulations Luderitz Town Council. I found this website by accident, and I was very surprised. Its a very good quality website if you compare it to other municipalities in Namibia. Luderitz is leading the way! I think you are still putting in more content, that is why you have not informed the Buchters of this wonderful resource. A very good job!

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