Posted: 8 Feb 2023

The Namibian Green Hydrogen Energy Project being the first in the world interns of its magnitude, is poised to set a precedence in the sector worldwide. The Namibian Government’s preferred bidder for the Green Hydrogen Energy Project to be located in the Tsau //Khaeb National Park, within the !Nami #Nus Constituency – HYPHEN, held their status update briefing session today with the political leadership of both the ||Kharas and Hardap Regions at the Lüderitz Town Council Head Office Chamber. Since the award in twenty twenty-one (2021), the HYPHEN team has been tirelessly engaged in bringing to fruition the project with behind-the-scenes engagements inclusive of the engagement agreement between HYPHEN and the Namibian Government. The project has increased in size with an estimated 7 000 Megawatt’s of installed capacity, with the ability to off load excess generated power into the Namibian energy grid. The project currently is planning on training Namibian’s in Germany within the Technical and Vocational Training field to upskill them and get them market ready, when the project kicks off.