Posted: 5 Sep 2023

The recent visit to the Shark Island on the 04th of September 2023 by the Lüderitz Town Council, the Nama Traditional Leaders Association and the Forensic Architecture research agency based at the University of London took a turn of events, that shifted focus from the television interview with the Deputy Mayor, Her Worship Hon. Cllr. Brigitte Fredericks to the unearthing of what looks like human remains. The Team had engaged the Council earlier on their pursuit of spatial reconstruction of what transpired at the Shark Island in their hopes of merging folk stories with emphatical evidence of human rights violations and abuses at the then German concentration camp. This is done with the aim of preservation, restitution and restoration of the dignity of those victims, they will be aided by a world-renowned archaeologist, that will use state of the art technology to identify possible burial areas inclusive of locating human remains and the three-dimension reconstruction of what the concentration camp use to look like in the era of its occupancy. The unearthed possible human remains, caught the attention of the Namibian Police that in consultation with the team from the University of London, declared Shark Island as a scene of crime and closed off the Island to visitors for the exhumation of the remains for further analysis and data collection.