Posted: 14 Sep 2023

The pursuit of making disabled people a part of the community, through inclusive infrastructure that aims at removing the barriers that hinder the disabled at living a dignified life; has encouraged the establishment of the Lüderitz Disability Forum, that operates a childcare centre at the Food Bank Centre. Special Olympics Namibia in collaboration with the !Nami #Nus Constituency has embarked upon a host of activities during the 14 and 15 September 2023 in Lüderitz. All physically and mentally challenged persons within the town will undergo a medical screening process that will proceed with sports, providing them with the opportunity to network and interact with the community members. Parents with children that are challenged, are encouraged to bring their children to the Centre run by the Lüderitz Disability Forum for care and support, whilst corporates within the town donated various items fit-for-purpose by those challenged.