Posted: 20 Sep 2023

The state of the dumpsite in its current form, possess health and infrastructural challenges to the Council and the town’s residents and requires collective cooperation to ensure that; all risks are mitigated and well managed. His Worship, the Mayor Hon. B. Mckay has initiated a steering group that will as a unit change the town’s landscape through assisting Council to manage the Dumpsite, and in this regard hosted a Stakeholder’s Consultative Session in the Council Chambers on the 20th September 2023. The members offered various assistance to Council ranging from skills and advice in their efforts of meeting Government halfway and will meet periodically to assess and review progress. The Mayor used the platform to express gratitude whilst extending an invitation to other corporate entities within town to join the steering group and in so doing ensure a safe and healthy environment for the populace as well as wild and marine life.