Posted: 30 Jan 2024

Societies are placing demands upon the local governments for better ways to achieve local economic development, coupled with ever changing geo-political and demographic reforms. Local Governments further face challenges such as greater decentralization and massive transformations, resulting in trade liberalization, privatization and enhanced technologies. This has brought about a need for Local Governments to re-engineer their operations with the objective of achieving sustained economic growth and development through the reconstruction of their respective social-economical environments. The Association for Local Authorities in Namibia [ALAN] and the Lüderitz Town Council [LTC] will host the Local Economic Development Indaba under the theme “Promoting Local Economic Development through inclusive Strategic Planning, Innovation, Diversification of revenue streams” from the 12 – 15 March 2024 in Lüderitz. The aim of this indaba is to collectively face the challenges and work together to address the economic health of municipalities and the livelihoods of their local residents. The preparatory team consisting of the ALAN President Hon. Cllr. Dr. Samuel !Oë-Amseb and the Chief Administrative Officer Mrs. Maureen Kambala engaged Council on the 30 January 2024 and briefed the leadership on the modes operandi that will ensure the fruition of the planned Indaba.