Posted: 3 Feb 2024

The industrialization vision of Namibia is embedded in the readiness of its workforce, and the contribution towards that desired achievement is heavily reliant on quality academia. The Lüderitz Secondary School is committed towards becoming a centre of educational excellence within the ||Kharas Region, and this goal seems surmountable with the partnership established with the TotalEnergies Namibia, SLB and Logistics Support Services (PTY) LTD it’s partners. This partnership between the oil giant and its stakeholder’s will witness an investment in excess of N$ 600 000.00 towards the schools’ renovations and modifications, with the Lüderitz Town Council as the projects principals. The commitment made towards the Lüderitz Secondary School during October 2023 by TotalEnergies Namibia, SLB and Logistics Support Services (PTY) LTD, for the renovations of the school officially started with the site hand over to the contractors on the 02 February 2024, the project is estimated to be completed within three months.