Posted: 26 Mar 2024

A first of its kind international yacht race from the town of Bergrivier in South Africa within the Western Cape Province directed all yachts to the shores of Lüderitz within the Republic of Namibia. The inaugural yacht race dubbed the Diamond Coast Race, witnessed 9 boats competing amongst themselves that saw them traverse 400 nautical miles between the two countries, with an average period of 3 and a half days of travel the race was facilitated by the Lüderitz Yacht Club and the Port Owen Yacht Club. The towns of Bergrivier and Lüderitz in their attempts to forge an enduring bond of camaraderie and partnership exchanged scrolls, presenting the scrolls on behalf of the Bergrivier Municipal Mayor, His Worship, the Executive Mayor Elderman Ray van Rooy was Commodore John Nosworthy of the Port Owen Yacht Club and in exchange Her Worship, the Deputy Mayor Hon. Cllr. Brigitte Fredericks presented our scroll on behalf of the First Servant His Worship, the Mayor Hon. Cllr. Phillippus A. Balhao. The yachts will be embarking upon the return leg on the 29 March 2024, upon which the winners of the Diamond Coast Race will be announced, this race will be held bi-annually with much larger participants anticipated.