Posted: 16 May 2024

The forecasted astronomical growth and development of the ||Kharas Region by virtue of the natural resource discoveries in Lüderitz, requires collective input in order to achieve the mammoth tasks associated with the townland expansion and infrastructural upgrading. The American Ambassador to Namibia, His Excellency Randy Berry paid the Council a courtesy visit on the 16 May 2024 to better understand the challenges and opportunities faced by the Council in preparation for the mass influx of people and economic activities. Council appraised the delegation on the strategies employed to ready to town for the boom, highlighting the need for local partnerships and empowerment of the town’s community through their participation within the value chain. The Ambassador indicated that, there are case studies where American corporate entities are run entirely by Namibian’s and they are committed towards local development, the Embassy and Council will continue their cordial relations for the beneficiation of both entities and the people they serve.